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Gay Arizona man has identity stolen by fake sugar daddy on Grindr but can't get help because of the government shutdown

Northwestern University graduate calls ex-girlfriend to tell her he 'raped SEVEN women' and says he should be 'locked up'

Archaeologist find remains of homes demolished during the 1908 race riot in Springfield, Illinois

Costco sells out of 27-pound mac-and-cheese tub with 20-year shelf life that has a hefty price tag of $90

Northwestern student dubbed 'The Shrieker' asked to stop her trademark cheering

White 'transient' arrested for attacking black woman McDonald's worker


Dramatic explosion at an electrical plant turns the night sky bright blue and brings NYC to a halt

Two Detroit women arrested after trying to steal from Target while store hosted 'Shop with a Cop'

Racist North Dakota woman dubbed Virgin Island Vicky shares hate for 'n****rs' while praising Trump

White ref investigated for ordering black high school wrestler to have dreadlocks cut off

NRA's Dana Loesch comes under fire for saying BB and Nerf guns are 'TOYS' and to 'let kids after writing a 2014 blog post blaming Tamir Rice for his own death

Jay-Z said to be pressuring Travis Scott to pull out of Super Bowl

Uproar over video showing New Jersey high school wrestler forced to cut off his locks before match

Horrifying video shows unconscious black man being dragged off California train by older white man

My 600-lb Life star L.B. Bonner, 31, found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound in suspected suicide

Widow shares how stranger who was actually rapper Ludacris paid her $375 bill at Atlanta Whole Foods

Last remaining Heaven's Gate members blast Lil Uzi Vert for 'direct and clear infringement'

Driver, 21, avoids ticket by having her three friends dance to Drake

Ice cream vendor, 39, sues police for aggressively probing his anus

Armed security guard impersonates cops, tries to pull over two troopers in unmarked car

Florida man, 71, staged suicide to look like MURDER by copying CSI plot

Dr. Conrad Murray calls Joe Jackson one of the worst fathers in children history

Family tapes pool encounter, claims they were hassled race

Black woman films angry white motorist calling management because she was smoking in parking garage

Native Americans call for renaming Yellowstone national park landmarks

Black Oregon legislator canvassing has cops called on her while casing in neighborhood she works in

Golden Retriever that played Duke in Bushs Baked Beans commercials euthanized

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